Bournemouth – In the Top 5 for 10% Employment Growth

At the Boardroom Network we are always impressed with the calibre and variety of businesses which join us at our events every month. Since we started back in November 2013, this has in no way slowed down and, with our member numbers continually increasing, we are convinced our members are indeed some of the very best businesses not only in Bournemouth but in the UK!

It came as no surprise to us then, to read in a recent article in the Bournemouth Echo that Bournemouth is among a handful of cities which are driving the UK economy. The report conducted by The Centre for Cities group, featured in the article, found that Bournemouth is in the top five cities for employment and has had a 10% growth in jobs between 2004 and 2015. It is also tenth in the table for the number of businesses, with 345.5 businesses for every 10,000 people.

We see this as a true testament to the drive and determination many local businesses have to succeed in today’s economy, acting as an example to rest of the UK as to what can be achieved. The great amount of businesses in Bournemouth also proves there is no shortage of opportunities to be had for Bournemouth businesses when it comes to networking, setting up strategic partnerships and helping each other’s businesses to continue to thrive.

We are extremely proud of all are members who frequently attend our events and we are honoured to act as platform to help business develop and grow, meet new potential clients and suppliers and be a part of what makes Bournemouth truly one of the most exciting and leading economic cities in Britain!

See you all at the February meeting!

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