Something Bigger

It is with a profound sense of being on the cusp of a bigger vision that I sit down to write this blog. It’s been a big month for many of our members.  A few examples will set the tone. Ian Skinner launched his BIG Mentoring initiative – well supported by our members.  (BIG being the […]

Universally Challenged

It is said, “The only person who really likes change is a baby with a dirty nappy!” I think we’d have to challenge that assumption given that so many of our members clearly love a change and embrace challenge with enthusiasm.  Even in life’s darkest moments, other members use humour to cope, to conquer, and […]

Being Prepared for Challenge

Sarah Butler, Darren Coates, and Sam Dyer delivered a ‘be prepared’ message to our Bournemouth meeting – each from a different perspective. Sarah got us to think about our financials so that we weren’t caught with our trousers down.  Darren showed how well prepared he and his company are to answer any frequently asked question.  […]

Calling All The Heroes

Not sure what the lads are up to here, but I like the shameless product placement! Tell us more, chaps! Calling All The Heroes Three powerful calls to action (and thus to Action Heroes) were the themes of February’s Solstice meeting. Tom Hadley’s Top Tips on how to make the most of networking Sam Dyer’s […]

Getting the Balance Right

Balance – and getting it right A productive, entertaining, and inspiring time was had by members and guests at Friday’s breakfast meeting of The Boardroom Network, hosted at Chilworth Manor. If there was one theme weaving the experience and the keynote presentations together, it was ‘balance’. Chilworth Manor balanced the need for speed with the […]

Recommendations that Rock

Justin Wharmby, our regular photographer, has captured a ‘moment’ that defines what The Boardroom Network means to me: strong relationships nurtured by regular connection – leading to a culture of ‘know-like-trust’ upon a foundation of really good humour.  Of course, Anthony Marshall and Sam Dyer (above) are known for their wonderful smiles, but they are […]

Why Podcasting Is Good For You

[Fancy listening to a Podcast of this article on Podcasting?  Sounds like a good idea to me!  Here’s the link to a downloadable version which you can also listen to online: ] When I broadcasted a breakfast show for two years, the number one question people would ask was, “How many people listen to […]