Have your cake and eat it too!

Happy birthday to us! The Boardroom Network Solent is a year old and it’s thriving, alongside the original Bournemouth group. Operated and owned by Jacqui Frampton, we welcomed 75 members and guests to April’s meeting; the success of this group is partly down to the tremendous organisation which goes on ‘behind the scenes’ (dedicated event […]


Which hat are you wearing?

There was a recurring theme with the presentations at April’s meeting of TBN Bournemouth back at the Hallmark Hotel. Three of the presenters talked about wearing different hats and how networking has led to collaboration. We welcomed 90+ guests and visitors for a fine breakfast and were so pleased to have Mr. Jay Ratchet back […]

italian villa garden

Spring has sprung!

The glorious setting of Compton Acres for our March meeting of the TBN Bournemouth Breakfast Club reminded us that we can look forward to lighter and warmer mornings now that Spring is here. Our thanks to the Italian Villa for once again hosting us and providing us with delicious food and excellent service. We were […]

Property, People, Prices and Pazazz

What could possibly link these four apparently diverse topics together? Well, the answer is this month’s TBN Solent meeting. 68 business leaders including 27 guests from across Hampshire came together in The Solent Hotel Whitely to connect, do business, and learn. I thought that this month’s meeting was one of the best I have attended, […]

Knock, Knock. Who’s There?

It’s Jay Rachet MC with his gavel! There wasn’t a spare seat in the house, not even for Jacqui, at the TBN Bournemouth meeting this month! We welcomed 90 guests including 28 visitors, who were adorned with our new system of coloured lanyards. This is an ideal way for members to identify newcomers –  red […]

The Real Value of the Red Lanyard

A sea of ‘red lanyards’ at TBN this morning! Visitors are a very welcome sight. I am confident that those visitors felt welcome – because the organisers and members are nice welcoming people! However, we all know that the ‘new kid on the block’ feeling can be one of anxiety and trepidation. I would hazard […]

curiosity may be the most important thing you own

Who killed the cat?

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s a sure fire way to find out information. As 65 members and visitors de-iced cars – and themselves! – to gather for the first 2017 meeting of The Boardroom Network Solent, visitors to the Solent Hotel, Whiteley, were curious to learn more about how this flexible format […]

Out of the dark and into the light!

As one member on Twitter succinctly put it before today’s Bournemouth meeting: “Feels like the middle of the night arriving for The Boardroom Network…” – it may have been dark but the room was alight with people getting in the New Year networking spirit, with 80 attendees including 20 visitors keen to try the TBN […]