Peace Productivity and the Power of Proactivity

Peace, Productivity, and the Power of Proactivity A packed room at Chilworth Manor was treated to three practically useful presentations from members of TBN Hampshire.  First up was the inspirational Deborah Baxter from “The Spirit Within.”  Next, Craig Nixon from “Tekkers IT Solutions” highlighted the latent potential lurking in our IT – using Microsoft 365 as […]

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Worker

Can Networking be seen as genuine perk that boosts productivity? Yes, today’s blog’s title is an homage to the film of almost the same name, “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner.” The 1962 ‘coming-of-age’ drama is a bleak movie with an equally bleak storyline, and a less than happy ending… or is it? The protagonist, […]

For the Future

Lynne Henderson demonstrating when it is time for us to add the next application of sunscreen… when it itches! Creating the Future with Lynne Henderson and Angharad Holloway We had two impactful keynote speakers on a glorious May morning at the Dudsbury.  Firstly, Lynne Henderson (who received a wonderfully rousing welcome) helped us protect our […]

Back to Life

The Wiltshire meeting of The Boardroom Network was the first of our three regions to return ‘back to life’ after the Easter break.  I say, “Back to Life,” because we had the charismatic Sandie Thorkeldsen demonstrating how to look after our “Back for Life,” when it comes to driving wisely.  With a few, fast, and […]

The Joy of the Endgame

Here’s an unusual image to start our TBN blog with, and yet highly relevant to Friday’s keynote content at the Hampshire meeting of The Boardroom Network. Our meeting was about how we need to, “Start with the end in mind,” (Stephen R Covey), articulated clearly, concisely, and convincingly by Action Coach’s Kevin Stansfield.  Richard Mack entertainingly […]

Something Bigger

It is with a profound sense of being on the cusp of a bigger vision that I sit down to write this blog. It’s been a big month for many of our members.  A few examples will set the tone. Ian Skinner launched his BIG Mentoring initiative – well supported by our members.  (BIG being the […]

Universally Challenged

It is said, “The only person who really likes change is a baby with a dirty nappy!” I think we’d have to challenge that assumption given that so many of our members clearly love a change and embrace challenge with enthusiasm.  Even in life’s darkest moments, other members use humour to cope, to conquer, and […]

Being Prepared for Challenge

Sarah Butler, Darren Coates, and Sam Dyer delivered a ‘be prepared’ message to our Bournemouth meeting – each from a different perspective. Sarah got us to think about our financials so that we weren’t caught with our trousers down.  Darren showed how well prepared he and his company are to answer any frequently asked question.  […]

Calling All The Heroes

Not sure what the lads are up to here, but I like the shameless product placement! Tell us more, chaps! Calling All The Heroes Three powerful calls to action (and thus to Action Heroes) were the themes of February’s Solstice meeting. Tom Hadley’s Top Tips on how to make the most of networking Sam Dyer’s […]