How to read anything faster with higher comprehension

The Boardroom Education is here to help you save time, boost memory and performance, and enhance communication skills – including making the most of every networking opportunity. I’ve heard it said (by Simon Rigby) that a business book acted on is worth £40,000.  We laughed about this on his excellent recent taster session for Action Coach […]

Summer Sunshine, Sailing, and Satisfying HMRC

Our lovely summery morning offered energetic and enthusiastic networking, the most interesting hash browns we’ve ever seen, and practical content to inspire us to action. Here’s what we covered. Networking for Introverts Jay and Lex kicked off our mini presentations with Lex saying, “Every time I tell folks that I am an Introvert…” gentle laughter […]

Summer on the South Coast – TBN Bournemouth in June

The sense of Summer was upon us… early dawn, birdsong, and complete with the obligatory Summer shower! Networking Hacks Personally, yesterday was a real ‘hit’ for me.  The first of Sam Sharma’s “Networking Hacks” was bang-on-the-money (assisted by his mischievous models: Sam Dyer and El Lexicon!) Body language shouts so loudly we often can’t hear […]

On Second Thoughts…

It was time for TBN Solstice’s second meeting! May brought us the second meeting of the new TBN Solstice.  The numbers shifted and a curtain was drawn across the room, adding a sense of mystery… what was behind the curtain?  Would the second event live up the excitement of the first? Alongside the tried, trusted, […]

The Generation Game

Do you enjoy networking? I do. But for me, it’s a game! In fact, it’s a couple of games. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy it so much. Connect 4 The first game is called “Connect 4” – plagiarism intended! To play this game, I aim to connect at least 4 people from each meeting. If […]

Game Set and Match

The image above captures some of the energy we all enjoyed at yesterday’s perfect match with Sam Dyer’s BusinesseXpo now Bournemouth 2018.  The dynamic combination of Jacqui, Jay, Sam and Bertie resulted in an event that is receiving very positive feedback from you – our members. Whilst all this is for you – we never forget, […]

The Sound of Solstice

  That phrase, “The Sound of Solstice,” may well conjure up a Steven Spielberg directed depiction of dawn breaking over Stonehenge complete with an appropriately ethereal soundtrack… The truth was far more exciting.  Dawn we had, and a good one too, but the sound was far from ethereal.  It was the buzz of businesspeople energised […]

Do you have the FACE for LinkedIn?

Someone, thinking they were funny, once suggested I had the ‘face’ for radio.  Well, I’d love to share some of the learning gleaned from our session with Andy Gwynn, using the mnemonic FACE to help you develop your own Social Media strategy.  Do you and I have the FACE for LinkedIn? … Yesterday, we launched […]