An Emotionally Intelligent Event

Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence is a better predictor of future economic success than Academic Intelligence – this is the claim of Daniel Goleman and the legions of researchers who have confirmed his assertion after the publication of his ground-breaking work, “Emotional Intelligence.” Hiring the brightest doesn’t guarantee the best results, but hiring those who excel […]

Escape to Success

Have you noticed that [Esc] key on your computer? It’s there to send you a message. It can save you a lot of trouble. And, of course, it is short for ‘Escape’! From and To Escaping has two aspects: from and to. We escape ‘from’ something, but that’s only half the story. It’s much more […]

The Snow Must Go On

Yes, technically, it’s the ‘show’ that must go on, not the snow, so we had the best of both worlds: snow and a show!  This month’s Bournemouth Blizzard Breakfast featured Steve Bieniek on transaction fees, Liz Gordon on marketing, Lex McKee on the power of sharing posts (and not poking), Graham Down on the best […]

inFLUENCE with inTEGRITY part 1: Energy

Wouldn’t it be great to be as well thought of as Billy Graham? As the Press reported his passing this week, I didn’t hear a single bad word about him. Even those who didn’t subscribe to his spiritual beliefs, nevertheless drew attention to his integrity. Billy Graham was a public figure who had harnessed the power […]

know like trust business handshake

No Like, No Trust!

Blog by Mark Blunden of Augmentas GroupIt’s fair to state that it is pretty much impossible to trust someone you don’t like. Networking gives us all the opportunity to get to know people, hopefully get to like people and then, in turn, build that all important trust. Trust makes us feel good in our personal […]


The Pitch, The Plan, and The Processes

With Spring definitely in the air, our members themselves sprang into action with five great presentations today from Pam, Kim and Mike, Tom, Marc, and Neville. That’s a lot of value action packed into one meeting! Pam Bates pitched in with the power of the one-minute pitch… and the value of videoing that pitch. Rachel […]

Blue and Blood Moon over Bournemouth

With a super blue blood moon bright in the sky, our February Bournemouth meeting got off to an auspicious start!  The Hallmark was packed with networkers keen to make the most of the opportunity to be understood by like-minded business professionals. Jay Rachet kept a tight ship – meaning we were able to enjoy four […]