The Generation Game

Do you enjoy networking? I do. But for me, it’s a game! In fact, it’s a couple of games. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy it so much. Connect 4 The first game is called “Connect 4” – plagiarism intended! To play this game, I aim to connect at least 4 people from each meeting. If […]

Game Set and Match

The image above captures some of the energy we all enjoyed at yesterday’s perfect match with Sam Dyer’s BusinesseXpo now Bournemouth 2018.  The dynamic combination of Jacqui, Jay, Sam and Bertie resulted in an event that is receiving very positive feedback from you – our members. Whilst all this is for you – we never forget, […]

The Sound of Solstice

  That phrase, “The Sound of Solstice,” may well conjure up a Steven Spielberg directed depiction of dawn breaking over Stonehenge complete with an appropriately ethereal soundtrack… The truth was far more exciting.  Dawn we had, and a good one too, but the sound was far from ethereal.  It was the buzz of businesspeople energised […]

Do you have the FACE for LinkedIn?

Someone, thinking they were funny, once suggested I had the ‘face’ for radio.  Well, I’d love to share some of the learning gleaned from our session with Andy Gwynn, using the mnemonic FACE to help you develop your own Social Media strategy.  Do you and I have the FACE for LinkedIn? … Yesterday, we launched […]

Metrics, Marketing, and Media Means Business

My, what a tight ship Jay Rachet ran today!  In at 7, out at 9, delivered with panache! Fabulous round-table discussions were augmented by presentations from Denise Ward, Marc Smith, Jacqui Frampton, Bertie Coy, Sam Dyer, and Lex McKee. Financial Visibility Denise Ward – the SME Financial Controller. Denise explained exactly what a […]

Be Squeaky and Get Some Grease

Key point: you need to be more squeaky, and get some grease! Here’s why… Picture a Maths Teacher who would rather be teaching tennis. He is out of ‘flow’ and irritable. My mate Ian has the audacity to fall asleep at the back of the class. There is a ‘whooshing’ sound through the air – […]

An Emotionally Intelligent Event

Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence is a better predictor of future economic success than Academic Intelligence – this is the claim of Daniel Goleman and the legions of researchers who have confirmed his assertion after the publication of his ground-breaking work, “Emotional Intelligence.” Hiring the brightest doesn’t guarantee the best results, but hiring those who excel […]

Escape to Success

Have you noticed that [Esc] key on your computer? It’s there to send you a message. It can save you a lot of trouble. And, of course, it is short for ‘Escape’! From and To Escaping has two aspects: from and to. We escape ‘from’ something, but that’s only half the story. It’s much more […]

The Snow Must Go On

Yes, technically, it’s the ‘show’ that must go on, not the snow, so we had the best of both worlds: snow and a show!  This month’s Bournemouth Blizzard Breakfast featured Steve Bieniek on transaction fees, Liz Gordon on marketing, Lex McKee on the power of sharing posts (and not poking), Graham Down on the best […]

inFLUENCE with inTEGRITY part 1: Energy

Wouldn’t it be great to be as well thought of as Billy Graham? As the Press reported his passing this week, I didn’t hear a single bad word about him. Even those who didn’t subscribe to his spiritual beliefs, nevertheless drew attention to his integrity. Billy Graham was a public figure who had harnessed the power […]