Be Squeaky and Get Some Grease

Key point: you need to be more squeaky, and get some grease! Here’s why…

Picture a Maths Teacher who would rather be teaching tennis. He is out of ‘flow’ and irritable. My mate Ian has the audacity to fall asleep at the back of the class. There is a ‘whooshing’ sound through the air – accompanying a skillfully hurled chalky blackboard eraser. Ker-pam! Impact! Chalk-dust. Ian is suddenly w-i-d-e awake!

Such was my experience of Mr Jones’ Mathematics class at Sondes Place Secondary School, Dorking, Surrey. He was a good teacher, and an even better person. But it was on the tennis court that he came alive – when he was in his flow.

The rest of the time, you paid a different kind of attention… or you got ‘feedback’. I think he taught Maths so that he could play tennis. How much better to teach what you want to play.

I paid attention to what Mr Jones said!

One phrase that Mr Jones was fond of has stayed with me:

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Recognising the fragility of memory… he might never have said this, but I’ve always associated it with him. He also said, “Empty vessels make the most noise!” But what’s all this about squeaky wheels?

He was saying that people who ‘squeak’ – make a noise in class – get attention – the grease.

Your LinkedIn profile wants some attention – it needs some grease – and Spring is a great time to give it the attention that will boost your business. I’ve got two opportunities to help you to get your LinkedIn profile to get way more attention!

Take Action Today

If you are in reach of Sandbanks Hotel on the evening of Tuesday, 10th April – I’d like to offer you something, potentially at no cost to you. On the 10th, the LinkedIn Guru, Andy Gwynn is presenting at the Bournemouth property investors network meeting. Whilst LinkedIn is essential for property professionals, the presentation will be relevant to all businesses.  If you’ve never been to one of our meetings before, I’d like to invite you come along as my personal guest – saving you £20 on the normal ticket price.  Message me to find out how.  (If you’ve been before, let’s chat!)

On Wednesday, 11th April, we going to do something amazing. Andy and I will host a paid-for workshop at Hotel du Vin in Poole. This will be in association with The Boardroom Network – which I believe to be the most effective local network for building your brand and business – and I’m sure you agree. Not only will Andy share his insights on how to leverage LinkedIn for profit, I will shoot you!

Perhaps I should explain?  I’ll be there with both Video and Photographic kit to capture fresh LinkedIn profile pictures for you, AND to video anyone in the group who is happy to give you a testimonial.  Video testimonials make all the difference. Having this on your profile will help you lead the field.

This is what I mean by being squeaky. Fresh image. Fresh recommendations. You’ll get attention!

The Workshop is not free. I’d normally charge £200 per person for my Profile Photography and Video service. You’re going to get all that for just £99 (plus vat) AND Andy!  I dare say we’ll get you a bacon roll too.  And, hey, this is Hotel du Vin!!!

At Hotel du Vin, the rooms are intimate – so this Masterclass is for a maximum of 20 people. This is why you need to let me know now if you can make it. Jacqui will set up a booking link on Eventbrite and you can grab yourself an opportunity that’s not likely to be repeated locally for another year.

Let’s be clear on the TWO opportunities:

  1. FREE admission to the evening event of 10th April – at the Sandbanks Hotel, Poole – if you book through me.
  2. Paid-for workshop on 11th April – at Hotel du Vin – if you book through Jacqui.

It is essential to book for either or both events, and the links will follow.

So Why The Shaving Foam Image?

“King of Shaves,” whilst based in the UK, is an International Brand. I was inspired by their ‘Social Proof’ on the tube where it says: “4.9/5 ***** …’MY FACE FEELS VERY SMOOTH’ Jacob, UK”

The bit that really excites me is the stats: “284 GENUINE REVIEWS”

If a National/International brand believes just 284 genuine reviews are enough to establish their global position, just imagine what Jacqui, Andy, and I could help you do for your brand!  The people you know at TBN alone could probably add up to that number of ‘genuine reviews’…

But you’ve GOT to take action

And that’s the purpose of the Workshop.

So, let us help you boost your brand. Say, “Yes!” to the free taster, and “Yes!” to the paid-for workshop at a glorious venue in beautiful Dorset with amazing people.

Send me a direct message on LinkedIn, or call me on 0 777 8 221 222.

I’ll also be posting the booking link as soon as this is finalised.

Thank you!