Back to Life

The Wiltshire meeting of The Boardroom Network was the first of our three regions to return ‘back to life’ after the Easter break.  I say, “Back to Life,” because we had the charismatic Sandie Thorkeldsen demonstrating how to look after our “Back for Life,” when it comes to driving wisely.  With a few, fast, and simple adjustments of our driving seat and position, we can preclude a whole world of pain (and expense).  I’m sure I was not the only one who put Sandie’s excellent advice into immediate practice.

Do you have any idea of how long it takes to train as a Chiropractor?  Since it takes over four years to become a member of this profession, I’m not going to outline Sandie’s key points – simply out of respect to the sophistication of her insights.  What I will do is warmly invite you to enter into dialogue with Sandie directly.  And, if there is sufficient demand, I think a film of Sandie in situ showing how to do this would be excellent, don’t you?

Give Peas a Chance

Expert Sales and Investment Entrepreneur, Andrew Bulpitt, took us through 10 ‘P’s for effective selling.  Let us reflect on his encouragement by reminding ourselves here of each ‘P’ and adding a key question for each one to spur us on to action.

  • Personality – how can we match our energy to the energy of the personality we’re communicating with?  How can we recognise their personality type?
  • Passion – how can we inject more passion into our selling, without overwhelming the client?
  • Professional – what would we put on the checklist of things to wear, say, have, be, and do to be perceived as ‘professional’?
  • Preparation – professionality includes preparation (80% of the process according to Andrew).  How could we be better prepared?  How could we show that we’re prepared?
  • Picture – a picture not only paints a thousand words, it also elicits associated emotions.  How could we be more visual?
  • Pain – no the next three aren’t anything to do with Cluedo (causing Professor Plumb pain with a lead pipe and a swift punch to the jaw!) but there will be pain if you don’t have more sales in your pipeline.  People will avoid pain even more than they will pursue pleasure (yet another ‘P’, Andrew!)  Find their pain, and then, “Ease their pain.”  How can we do that more effectively?
  • Pipeline – what technology and systems can we put in place to ensure a steady flow through the sales’ pipeline?
  • Punching – how can we put more energy and power into our sales’ punch?
  • Plans – if we fail to plan, we may as well be planning to fail.  How can we improve and escalate our planning proficiency?
  • Pounds – let’s not be shy.  There is NO mission without margin.  Cash flow is good.  Let’s embrace it.

And since it’s my blog, I’m going to add two more ‘P’s to the pod:

  • Punctuality – be on time or phone in your reason why you’re not going to honour your word.
  • Process – fortune favours those who follow-up fast, and (ideally) first – be first to cross the finishing line (which isn’t the ‘sale’ but rather the positioning of your offering for the second sale.  Remember it’s the second person in a Mexican Wave that makes it really happen!  Follow-up!


I really liked Andrew’s distinction between new business selling (something we much pursue on a daily basis) and relationship selling (looking after existing customers).  Whilst the second is also mission-critical, it is way too often within our comfort zone of something that makes everyone feel good (also important!) but doesn’t generate scalable revenue increase.

Recognising Excellence

With boundless enthusiasm, Ali Penfold opened up yet another opportunity for local members to be recognised for their excellence in business.  Kindly reach out to Ali if you’d like to harness your marketing plan to this PR opportunity – the organisations of two members in our very room had benefited the year before.

Here’s a promotional video from a couple of years back:

Great start to our next season after the Easter Break, and really looking forward to a future presentation from the Award Winning, Ellen Stokes!

Hyperlinks to each of our presenters are live in the blog – so make sure you’re linked with them and tapping into their generous sharing of expertise.

Until the next time, Lex signing out from Cambridge!