An Emotionally Intelligent Event

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a better predictor of future economic success than Academic Intelligence – this is the claim of Daniel Goleman and the legions of researchers who have confirmed his assertion after the publication of his ground-breaking work, “Emotional Intelligence.”

Hiring the brightest doesn’t guarantee the best results, but hiring those who excel in empathy, relationship-building, self-awareness, and self-mastery is by far the best indicator of future potential.  If this is true, today’s TBN Solent was emotionally intelligent networking at its best… and we’ve got bright cookies too!

That Jerry Maguire Moment

Matt Price, of Gauntlet Price, kicked us off with the importance of empathising with our clients’ real needs – and then meeting those needs with speed.  Whilst we may not all leap forward to buy insurance, when we do commit, we need speed and certainty.  Matt’s presentation shared his Jerry Maguire-like moment where he realised he was not able to get back to clients quickly enough under the systems used by his employer.  (If you don’t know the movie, Jerry has a crisis of conscience around putting his clients first.)  Not being able to meet his clients’ needs violated Matt’s own values.  For Matt, putting people first meant taking the bold step of starting out on his own to create a truly client-driven insurance provision – complete with 24/7 access to his personal mobile number.  These are the empathetic and relationship aspects of emotional intelligence driving business forward.

The Black Dog

Jamie Forster, of, then bravely highlighted the fact that being in business can be a lonely path where others may not be empathetic enough to realise the emotional challenges we are facing.   Sharing openly from his own experience, Jamie highlighted the fact that 1 in 4 people face mental health obstacles – the ‘Black Dog’ of depression – at some time in their life.  Jamie then brought this statistic powerfully home to us by stating this meant that more than 2 people on every table of 10 at this morning’s breakfast would be facing up to this.  Judging by the number of people who were visibly moved by his presentation, and by the level of engagement Jamie received after the formal presentations, we believe his important message resonated deeply with our members and was equally deeply appreciated.

Boogie with the Bookkeeper

Jennifer Todd – our Jen – of Silk Bow Bookkeeping, modeled the emotional importance that ‘know’ and ‘like’ and ‘trust’ plays in making business decisions.  With virtually no need to mention bookkeeping, Jen revealed her own passions – her likes and dislikes – and the values that these broadcast to the boardroom network.  Choosing a bookkeeper is as much or more about connecting with the person we trust than it is about the technical skills.  Working with Jen means aligning with her values and thus the bigger value she brings.  Using our own emotional intelligence, we have a strong tendency towards doing business with ‘people like us’ – in fact, people like us, like us!  Jen’s presentation finished with the whole group dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”  This is a vision of TBN that will keep me smiling every time I recall it!  I guess, what this says to me is that TBN has a feeling… and it’s a feeling I like!

Hey, perhaps it should be our theme tune for Spring?

A Network Odyssey

As today’s blogger, I then made Jay and Jacqui’s hearts race with the thought, “What is Lex going to do this time???!!!”   The stirring sounds of, “Also sprach Zarathustra,” by Richard Strauss – used in Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film, “2001:  A Space Odyssey,” blasted from the sound system.  Nothing can quite move the emotions and provoke us to action like a song or a tune, and so I choreographed the music to scenes of the earth moving through space, rocket launches, and then the sight of Stonehenge at dawn to promote the launch of TBN Solstice.  Catching the relieved look on Jacqui’s face was way better than watching my video!

Of course, the desired action is for as many members as possible to promote and support our expansion into Wiltshire!  We launch on Thursday, 26th April at The Stones Hotel.  You can book your place now!  But not yet!  Let’s finish the blog first!

Asking for Help When You Need It

If any of you are concerned about your own mental well-being, or that of a friend or family member, check out – a resource that helps you track your moods (good and otherwise) over time.  I’ve been writing their Monday Mindset blog for years – getting Monday’s off to a positive start.  The Samaritans are famed for their readiness to help – and can be reached on 116 123.  I’d have to say, though, that have received amazingly ‘emotionally intelligent’ support from members within our very own network when I’ve needed a boost… sometimes you just have to ask.  You know who you are – and I thank you.  Let’s ‘be there’ for one another.

Thus, I conclude with asking you for something.  Would you come and support the launch of TBN Solstice – and even invite a friend?  It would be great to make this the most exciting launch of the season, wouldn’t it?

The impact of the event was summed up by one member who emailed me the following: “What a mix of different presentations we had this morning.  I had to lie down when I got back to the office!”  They meant that in a good way… I think!


With thanks to Jacqui and Jay for making this happen consistently, and to you for reading this capture of the magic moments we enjoyed this morning.


Proud to be a part of the TBN Team